The Forces of Evil Are Not Backing Down

Derek Sloan

Here is a recent newsletter from Derek Sloan:

With each passing day, it becomes more abundantly clear that governmental overreach in reaction to COVID has nothing to do with the virus, with protection, or with science.

It has everything to do with enforced compliance!

Since this all began with “two weeks to flatten the curve” 19 months ago, we’ve seen enough examples to prove that the only difference between a “conspiracy theory” involving draconian, totalitarian government tactics, and that theory becoming reality is about six months’ time.

Case in point: COVID isolation camps. Click here to see what is happening in Saskatchewan.  

Is this what’s next for the COVID non-compliant, the “unvaccinated”, and anyone who exercises their Charter-guaranteed right to peacefully protest against government mandates?

The targeting for arrest of Christian pastors who aren’t sufficiently subservient to Public Health’s safety edicts continues, even as Canadians who have complied with “double vax” orders are packed into sports arenas to watch the professionals play, despite the fact that we know that the vaccines don’t prevent anyone from getting or spreading COVID. Pastor Tobias Tissen is the latest person to fall prey to this targeting. Click here to read what happened to him just last week. 

Those of us who are paying attention stopped looking for logic in these policies a long time ago. 

While governments and Public Health ignore vaccine injury and death (here’s a report on sudden deaths in Ontario), they push vaccine mandates and passports, despite the fact that they know that Canada’s own Ministry of Health declared that making vaccines mandatory is unconstitutional way back in 1996. Click here to read about that declaration. 

Turning Canada into a “show us your papers” society is by no means a temporary plan. No government would ever offer up, in the words of Justin Trudeau, “A billion dollars to fund the development of vaccine passports systems” to use it for only a few months. 

No, this is a long-term scheme to crush any non-compliance, dissent or debate, to usher in an era of statist rule, and to eradicate the things of which every statist is most jealous: Faith, Family and Freedom.

But enough about them. Let’s talk about us. We are fighting back!

Since last week’s email, I have received hundreds of messages from supporters asking for assistance, and we are busy connecting them to the resources they need. 

We’ve also been overwhelmed with messages of support, from all of you who want to help us!

These are trying times, but they are bringing out the best in us! 

Last weekend, I was pleased to act as a panelist at a forum on science and critical thinking, where I was joined by several professors and doctors who want to speak up about the real science and data surrounding COVID, and ways in which the truth is being suppressed.

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