National Leadership Briefing Call to Action


National Leadership Briefing (NLB) is a grassroots Christian organization (affiliated with RightNow Can. Right-to-life org.) that had a VERY important briefing yesterday and an immediate call-to-action. They have requested urgency in responding to evil things that are happening in Canada. If you haven’t heard of them before, or aren’t following them I beg you to watch this hour-long “deep-dive” briefing.
Their platform is based on 60,000+ interviews they did a couple years ago to find out what Christian Canadians concerns were. They came up with four pillars and 4 sphere’s of authority. The four pillars, as described below are: 1) parental authority 2) Right of Belief 3) protection for the vulnerable, and 4) our children & future generations. The four spheres of authority are 1) personal 2) family 3) church, and 4) civil authority. We need to ensure they stay within their boundaries.
Three important areas are covered in this one hour. 1) conservative leadership review process 2) Doug Sharpe explains his personal healthcare plan he has developed so he is not as dependent on a failing healthcare system. 3) The need to organize unitedly in order to curtain the power of influence the federal government is imposing on us. (See also their Citizen Action Group Ministries (CAG).


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