File your victim impact statement!


If you or someone you know is under threat of job loss or on unpaid leave…

If you have already submitted your Law in Canada Package (NOL) and want to take the next step, it is time to file a victim statement with your local
Police or RCMP. The process is free and accessible to all.

Threatening your income, your ability to provide food and shelter for yourself and your family (because you will not submit to an experimental swab or ‘vaccine’) is ASSAULT under the Criminal Code.

If only a few of you do this it will be easy for them to turn a blind eye. If many of you submit a victim statement it will be impossible to ignore.

You are the many. It’s time to make your voice heard!!

If you have further questions or would like to would like to join a Zoom call, please email or for other resources go to


  1. Hello
    I didn’t submit a NOL, I was terminated illegally because I couldn’t take the shot, now EI is denying!

    What options do I have?

    1. We can’t provide legal advice; and that’s official EI policy, so not surprising. Ultimately you’ll need to find work where vaccination is not a requirement. You can also reach out as directed above.

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